Ungrateful Brat

the lady of shalott

By Medusa | Image: The Lady of Shalott


Ungrateful? Yes. Brat? Yes

Am I sure? Yes

Everyone agrees? Yes

Including myself? Yes

How, you ask? Let me tell you…


I was allowed

To skip cooking and cleaning at times

Never a harsh word was uttered

How accommodating, they said

But I asked that chores be shared


I was allowed

To study and learn and make use of time

Money wasn’t a big concern, sure

How understanding, they said

But I wanted to spread my wings further


I was allowed

To make friends and to go out by myself

The child, she was taken care of

How magnanimous, they said

But I insisted on time together


I was allowed

To dress up a bit and take up hobbies

What I spent on clothes wasn’t questioned

How modern, they said

But I didn’t stick to the limits


I was allowed

To work and earn and save and spend

Advice and support was definitely given

How supportive, they said

But I didn’t share my balance sheets


I was allowed

To indulge in porn and pleasure myself

Acquiring a toy was supported

How liberated, they said

But I hated being always turned down


I was allowed

But I asked if I can also allow

I was given freedom

But I asserted I already had it

Oh the audacity of it all!


Now you may say, this is

Being selfish

Being greedy

Being thankless

Being ungrateful


Am I apologetic? At least now?

Do I repent my follies?

Will I change, you ask?

Hell, no! If nothing, I’m consistent

So, ungrateful brat I am.


About the Author:

Medusa is a square peg in a round hole, who loves food, dancing, reading and laughing out really loud.

October 23, 2018

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