Ungrateful Brat

the lady of shalott

By Medusa | Image: The Lady of Shalott ** Ungrateful? Yes. Brat? Yes Am I sure? Yes Everyone agrees? Yes Including myself? Yes How, you ask? Let me tell you…   I was allowed To skip cooking and cleaning at times Never a harsh word was uttered How accommodating, they said But I asked that […]

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October 23, 2018

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A Music Video that Explains why ‘Boys will be Boys’ is Harmful.

Image: seeingwetiko.com ** How often do we see people brushing their own or someone else’s bigotry, sexism and violence as a case of ‘boys being boys’? ‘Boys will be boys’ is an unfailing cop-out that irresponsible parents, non-committal teachers / educational institutes, unconcerned law enforcers and incompetent politicians fall back on – whenever they don’t have […]

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Life of a Woman.

spoilt modern indian woman

Image: Aashna The following was submitted by SMIW contributor Aashna Malpani. ** You were three months old when They painted your nursery a bubbly pink and plastered unicorn heads all around the room. The vibrancy would hurt your eyes. They never understood why you cried every night, or how the magical creatures scared you shitless. […]

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