Ungrateful Brat

the lady of shalott

By Medusa | Image: The Lady of Shalott ** Ungrateful? Yes. Brat? Yes Am I sure? Yes Everyone agrees? Yes Including myself? Yes How, you ask? Let me tell you…   I was allowed To skip cooking and cleaning at times Never a harsh word was uttered How accommodating, they said But I asked that […]

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October 23, 2018

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Asking the Right Questions.

spoilt modern indian woman

Image: brunchnews.com The following slam poetry was submitted by SMIW contributor Rhea Mahanta to our campaign #HaveShortsWillSmoke. ** A usual thing happened today. I got groped AGAIN! ** While walking back home It was drizzling and dusk had set in A bunch of guys on a bike were speeding Towards me from the opposite direction While […]

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