Ungrateful Brat

the lady of shalott

By Medusa | Image: The Lady of Shalott ** Ungrateful? Yes. Brat? Yes Am I sure? Yes Everyone agrees? Yes Including myself? Yes How, you ask? Let me tell you…   I was allowed To skip cooking and cleaning at times Never a harsh word was uttered How accommodating, they said But I asked that […]

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October 23rd, 2018

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Why Anarkali Shines Brighter than Lipstick.

Anarkali of Aarah vs lipstick under my burkha

Written by: Gargi Sengupta | Image: SMIW ** Stumbling upon Anarkali Of Aarah – on TV – just a day after watching Lipstick Under My Burkha at the plex, certainly made me think if we pass too many things off as ‘happenstance’. ** To be honest, had Lipstick not received the kind of attention it did, […]

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