The Unapologetic Shit Guy: Sultan Film Review.

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The following review was written by SMIW’s Bruce Vain.

Well, well, well. What do you know? A Sultan film review on this website? That can’t go so well, can it?

Especially since we ripped bhaijaan a new one merely days ago – when he made that by-now-hall-of-shame-worthy remark? But here’s the thing, we can’t make stuff up to rip him apart, can we? This review can only objectively critique the contents of the film, and if it’s actually not terrible, then maybe it will have us eating our own hat? (I’ve always wondered if that expression has an entirely different meaning in Hawaii, where hats have fruit on them.)

Truth be told, it’s not like reviews or critics matter to Salman Khan – sadly.

Nor will they ever do. Because, till the time he continues to enjoy the unwavering, irrational support of his fans, he can even get away with murder (oh, wait)! To these fans, it doesn’t matter what Salman’s films are about, who else is in them and, what message they send to the society.

As long as they support him, every single film featuring the superstar who fails at Being Human, will be a massive money spinner.


sultan film review

Kitne pratishat Bhartiya fruit hat ke opposite bhi hit film de sakte hain?


But then, there are others. Others like us, who believe that cinema and its heroes should at least try to make an effort to change narratives and break stereotypes – with films that move and progress with time, not stay stuck in it. The problem with Salman Khan, however, is that he tries very hard to give the impression that he doesn’t believe in those concepts.

The bhai of Bollywood is unabashedly and publicly unapologetic about his irresponsible behaviour, his bullying ways and his insensitive comments. He actually makes an effort to convey to his fans that being human does not mean being sorry.

He goes the extra mile to let everyone know he doesn’t care about breaking stereotypes and in fact, does everything he can to strengthen them.

So, it’s extremely important that those of us who do care, keep pointing out his flaws and the widespread impact they have on the society – till enough people wake up and smell the Shit Guy (you’ll get that reference in a minute).

So, with that in mind, here it is – a feminist review of Sultan:


**Spoilers ahead**


Stalker Sultan

Sultan, the film, has many sides of Sultan, the character; which incidentally is a lot like Salman, the person. It is often said that Salman Khan is so ordinary an actor that he can only play himself in every one of his roles. With Sultan, that adage has never been truer. In the film, we see the various sides of Sultan transcending with personality traits of Salman. The most prominent of those – at least in the first half – is the stalker.

Picture this, Sultan immediately falls for Anushka Sharma’s Aarfa when she yells at him and beats him back for slapping her (wtf?) because he ran into her motorcycle while trying to catch a fallen kite. Perfect love story already, right?

But wait, it gets better.

When Aarfa clearly and repeatedly tells him she is not interested in him, he does the right thing by tracing her identity, showing up at her friend’s wedding and then, finally showing up at her father’s wrestling school.

Clearly, that is the kind of lesson in romantic pursuit that one of the most popular and followed actors in the country needs to teach its young men.

sultan film review

Sultan Stalking School. Sabse Besht!


S(h)it Guy Sultan

In one of their initial meetings, the Delhi returned, English speaking Aarfa tells the purebred Haryanvi Sultan that in pop English, a stalker like him is called a ‘Shit Guy’ (pronounced Sit because of Aarfa’s Haryanvi roots, which even college in Delhi couldn’t completely erode). Sultan has never heard the word ‘shit’ in his life and confuses it for a compliment – until his best friend Gopal decodes the term using a dictionary. But, while Sultan refutes the title when he learns its actual meaning, there couldn’t have been a more apt way to describe his character through the entire first half. Sample this:

After repeatedly being stalked, Aarfa makes it clear she isn’t looking for a relationship but agrees to be just friends – something Sultan immediately assumes as the first step towards love and proceeds to tell his entire posse that Aarfa is, in fact, his girlfriend.

Now, what message does that kind of douchebaggery send? That it’s okay to stalk a girl till she agrees to have some sort of relationship with you (which she will, because in Bollywood-world, a woman doesn’t have the option to completely say no to man’s advances) and when she does, it’s okay to assume she will eventually start dating you (and tell everyone she already is in the meanwhile)? That message is only emphasized further in the story line, as Aarfa eventually does fall for Sultan and agrees to marry him.

Wow, talk about creating a narrative that fails to stand up to the culture of entitlement. Sit Guy indeed.


Sexist Sultan

What’s a Salman Khan movie without its sexist jokes and stereotypes?

On arriving at a blood donation camp organised by Aarfa, the Shit Guy finds it necessary to joke how she has started sucking his blood even without becoming his wife. While in a vomit inducing father son heart-to-heart, Sultan’s dad makes sure to pass on the pearls of wisdom that “Har nakaam mard ke peeche ek aurat hoti hai.” (There’s a woman behind every unsuccessful man).

Then, of course, there are the romantic tidbits laced with archaic gender roles:

Sultan lounging on a charpai, all snug in a blanket as Aarfa brings him tea in pouring rain. Sultan chilling with his kite flying buddies as Aarfa makes cow-dung cakes. Oh, the romance!

At this point, it’s important to point out that Aarfa and Sultan are both national level amateur wrestlers and, if anything, she is more seasoned and experienced than him.

Yet, in their private life together, he gets lounging and kite flying while she gets cow-dung cakes.


Sorry, Not Sorry Sultan

Like I said before. Sultan, the character mirrors Salman, the person in many ways. He is egoistical, brash, arrogant and, in one reel-imitates-real moment during the film, he even slaps a journalist for asking uncomfortable questions.

But most remarkable (and most Salman-like), is his relentless lack of remorse; something that stays on through different occasions – from being confronted by Aarfa for slapping her and then later, for telling his buddies that she is his girlfriend; to leaving his heavily pregnant wife behind – even when she asks him to stay and then finally; for not being around when his family needed him most – leading to his newborn child’s death.

The entire time, Sultan reacts in different ways – by grinning through it, shrugging it off and finally, hanging his head and walking away. But, he doesn’t – even once, apologise for his mistakes. In fact, in the climactic reunion – despite being the one to get the shittier end of the bargain – it’s Aarfa who shows up by Sultan’s side, moved perhaps by her family and friends’ constant pleas to forgive him.

But, even at that point, all Sultan can do is make the typical Shit Guy comment about it was he too, who lost a child, not just her. Predictably enough, Aarfa forgives self important Sultan without him apologising at all.


Almost There Arfa

The one (almost) saving grace in the entire film is recurring shades of feminism in Aarfa’s character. She is a fierce sportswoman who understands fully well that she has to make it on her own terms in the world, despite being a woman (that’s how it’s done, Mitron!) and, while it won’t be easy, it doesn’t mean she will give up her life long dream of winning an Olympic medal.

In one of the most powerful lines of the film, Aarfa remarks how her father wanted a son but the age of women is here, and so, the men need to watch out.

However, the film-makers (Yash Raj Films and Director Ali Abbas Zafar) make sure that Aarfa’s initially feminist character goes through the usual tropes of Indian cinema to a point where she does indeed choose to give up her life long dream in favour of bearing Sultan’s child – a son to be specific – who he wants to grow and be just like him (oh, joy). Furthermore, she goes against her entire personality of a focused, uncompromising woman in a confusing bit of character development, when she suddenly agrees to marry Sultan – the moment he becomes a successful wrestler.

Last but not the least, in an age when male actors like Amir Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Salman himself go through months of conditioning and training to look the part of a sportsperson and their journey is tirelessly promoted by producers to the media – it is extremely disappointing to see the film-makers of Sultan not asking Anushka to do the same for her role as a wrestler. Instead, she retains her ramp model physique and appears completely muscle-free the entire time.

I guess character-realism is only for the men.

sultan film review

Anushka Sharma (L) playing an amateur wrestler who represents India in Sultan and Anita Singh (R), who actually represents India in amateur wrestling.

One can only wonder why the female lead who plays a wrestler didn’t train to look like one while the male lead who also plays a wrestler not just did so, but even made casual rape references about it.

That’s Bollywood’s unending need to conform to the stereotypical female body image for you.


In The End

Eventually, Sutlan may be Salman’s most successful films yet and that, is an underlying commentary on where we are headed as a society. A culture is a reflection of people and, media is one of the most visible showcases of culture.

When Sultan’s sexist and regressive dialogues earn loud cheers and whistles while Aarfa’s punchline about women empowerment is met by sounds of crickets chirping, you know the battlefield is wider than the gap between the lead pair’s age.

In fact, even now, there will be many who read this review and go, “But this is just how things are in Haryana, in India and,  in the world! The film is just a reflection of how society actually is!”

And that, is exactly why we need to call it out. Till there comes a time when it isn’t.


Spoilt Modern Rating

1/2 Cow Dung Cake.


About the Author

Bruce Vain is a founder at Spoilt Modern Indian Woman and creator of successful campaigns Spoilt Modern Desi Women and Have Shorts Will Smoke.

  • Kudos for calling out the shit. I was beginning to think the stalk-till-she-says-yes version of wooing a girl that Bollywood has taught India since the 70s was finally behind us, but Sultan showed us that there’s still room to go. I wish there comes a movie that teaches Indians, esp. Indian men, the meaning of consent. Having said that, I rejoiced when Aarfa realizes that Sultan has been calling her his girlfriend behind the back and slaps him, educating on what his no means. To the filmmaker’s credit, Sultan actually ACCEPTS and UNDERSTANDS that at that point, and does not chase her, or even do suicidal passive aggressive emotional blackmail of any sort. He works on himself, but doesn’t approach her and even apologizes. His father also pushes him to introspect and be someone instead of blaming or grieving. It’s a saving grace, but it’s something, because I HOPE some Salman fans learn the lesson and learn to take rejections better, instead of throwing acid on being spurned.

    Aarfa’s character is the most confused though. I sort of understand when she decides to keep the child and withdraw from Olympics (right or wrong, it’s HER choice after all, and even though unplanned, she does want the baby) but I don’t understand why she doesn’t return to wrestling in the years of estrangement. She is still coaching, but she doesn’t actually get back to the sport until the eventual reunion. Similarly, I sort of understand that she’s making tea – she’s a professional and a wife, and the balance is hers to choose – but I don’t understand when she doesn’t fiercely question Sultan’s preference and confidence in a male child and calls him out for it. FWIW Anushka acted badly and was perhaps miscasted, but the character is also not well fleshed out – she says her father always wanted a son, but her father is shown remarkably understanding, progressive and supportive to her and never seems to be someone who misses a son. Is it her insecurity, then? Similarly, she decides to marry Sultan in a jiffy when he ‘earns’ it, but being a sportsperson she’s shown unnaturally angry at her spouse missing a life event. Doesn’t that happen in real life all the time? Wouldn’t she have possibly missed a life event in a different situation if there was a world championship for her passion? Her anger at Sultan’s ego could have been understood, but that’s not the way it is portrayed.

  • Really great article. Enjoyed reading this and I liked the fact that all the typical Bollywood tropes were highlighted. Just guys, before you put an article up, please proof your copy, there were some typos and such which get a bit distracting. Also Anushka Sharma is on the Left (L) and Anita Singh is on the Right (R).

  • The eulogizing by audiences for a modicum of women’s empowerment in our movies clearly shows that we are a long way from a egalitarian society. Great review, particularly about the body image fascism which mainly affects the affluent and educated women of the society. kudos on the article.

  • I slept halfway through till the end. I dont about the story yet and neither did I care. Why I went for the movie is a totally different question though. Anyway, thanks for pointing out all the shit. Now I have enough reasons to defend my sleep 😉

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    Happiness is a feeling that lies within us, it is part of our nature. The desire to share happiness is the great driving force that motivates us to make donations. According to the Vedic scriptures, it is necessary to make donations, observing certain rules, because everything in our life and around us is subject to the Universal Laws. If we study these laws and follow them, then our life becomes more conscious, more favorable and happier.

    What can be considered a donation?

    – knowledge that we have and that we want to share;
    – prayers (if we make prayers, and send all auspicious fruits to the person for whom we prayed);
    – energy and effort (in the form of physical, moral, emotional assistance);
    – food (the best option when donated cooked and hallowed food that does not contain animal products);
    – clothes;
    – money (in many cultures there is the concept of donating “tithes” – 10% of the amount of income per month. Of course, the amount may increase or decrease depending on circumstances or personal motives. The main thing is that it should be significant for the budget);
    – personal time aimed at helping others.

    To whom, where and for what purposes can you give donations?

    – to priests, brahmans, sages, holy people, monks;
    – in temples — on construction and maintenance;
    – on the development of spiritual, educational and educational projects;
    – children without parents;
    – mothers who raise children alone;
    – sick people, people with disabilities;
    – old people, as well as older people living in nursing homes;
    – people in need of help;
    – to charitable organizations that we trust and whose activities are beyond doubt;
    – animal shelters.

    It is important to know that part of the responsibility for charity falls on us. For example, if we donate money to projects that have caused harm, then we also become complicit in such projects. It must be remembered that attentiveness, conscientiousness and rationality are important components of charitable affairs.

    When are donations most favorable?

    – In the days of major religious holidays.
    – In the days of the appearance and care of holy people.
    – In the new moon.
    – In the days of equinox.
    – In the days of the beginning of an important business and at the time of its completion.
    – During important events in personal life: birthday, wedding, child birth.
    – In Ekadashi.

    Do not forget that a donation is not only money, but also a prayer, timely assistance, care, kind thoughts and words.

    A sacrifice in goodness is always disinterested, filled with love, made out of a sense of duty and compassion. The main purpose of it is to bring good, without demanding anything in return. This kind of charity gives us the opportunity to change our destiny for the better, purify the heart, soften karma and develop the mind. By making donations in goodness, we ourselves become vehicles for Divine energy.

    There are a few more rules for doing charity work:

    – you should always donate with gratitude and respect. We need to thank the one who accepts the donation and worship (at least in thought).

    – donations are not favorable to do in public places: markets, train stations, in the subway. Sometimes those who ask for alms in such places cause us to feel pity. But we must remember that donating out of pity has nothing to do with donating out of feelings of compassion or duty.

    – the donation near the temple has a favorable nature, it elevates the one who makes the donation and the one who accepts, strengthening the faith in God.

    – the philanthropist always receives in return as much benefit as there is piety in the one to whom the donation was made.

    Donations make our hearts softer, helping to develop a feeling of compassion, improve our karma, give prosperity, teach nobility and generosity, care for those who need help and protection. If we do good deeds in accordance with the Universal Laws, they will bring us benefit, joy and happiness.
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