Here’s Why the Calls to Boycott Surf Exel Should Have You Worried

surf exel

Written by: Pseudo Sickular | Image by: Business Standard


These are some strange times we live in. Just yesterday, this beautiful, beautiful ad film by Surf Exel was being targeted by the Indian right wing with calls for boycott.

Here is the film in question:

Any guesses about the reason behind this displeasure?

It was, wait for it, Surf Exel promoting ‘Love Jehad’.

Here are some actual tweets by real, living humans asking you to #BoycottSurfExel:


Now, at first glance you’d think this is nothing new for the bigoted, trolls-in-training. After all, unemployment is at a 45 year high and kanwar season is still far away. But, if you are paying close attention, then you should be very, very concerned.

For a second, let’s leave aside the fact that an advert promoting communal harmony and sending an inclusive message of Hindu-Muslim friendship to this country’s children during such strained times is actually being criticised instead of being revered.

Let’s also leave aside the classic display of Brahminical patriarchy in action where a Hindu female’s agency in choosing a Muslim partner is being denied and attacked by calling it ‘Love Jehad’.

Instead, let’s talk about the fact that these are pre-teen CHILDREN being demonized for being friends with each other! What kind of sick, perverted and deranged minds sexualize a friendship between two children and attack it with the tired ‘Love Jehad’ rhetoric?

I’ll tell you what kind.

The same kind who rape and murder an 8 year old Asifa. The same kind who then take to the streets to DEFEND those rapists. The same kind who rip open a pregnant woman with a sword and toss the unborn fetus in a fire.

THIS is is the kind of absolute SCUM we are dealing with. THIS is the kind of moral and social perversion, which may have existed deep inside in the minds of some sick freaks but never reared its deathly head before now. THIS base mentality, which the current government has emboldened, enabled and normalized in the last five years.

Make no mistake, these leeches WILL bleed the very fabric of this nation and society dry if they are not reigned in now. But we all know that the current powers that be will never do that. Because they honor mob lynchers, defend rapists and literally sit on their hands when the monster who personally ripped a womb open gets granted bail. Heck, the same people probably instructed him to commit those heinous acts 17 years ago.

Make no mistake either. Their monstrosity, while focused largely on the minorities, isn’t exclusive to them by any means. Remember, how Bajrang Dal members kidnapped and murdered two school children last month? Remember, how they beat up couples, regardless of community every year for just being together? Remember, how they attacked a bus full of school kids because they had issue with a movie. A MOVIE!

So rest assured, if YOU don’t do something now it’s only a matter of time before these death eaters turn their attention to you. To YOUR children. While Lord Voldermort gets drunker and drunker on power and blinder and blinder by flashes of selfie cameras clicking around the globe.

Make your voice heard, India. It’s now or never.


This article originally appeared in form of a Facebook post at the anti-fascism platform Pseudo Sickular. It has been adapted slightly to fit our publication guidelines.