Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 – The Spoils of War: A Feminist Review.

GoT season 7 episode 4 review


The following review is part four in the series of seven episode reviews from the Season 7 of popular TV series Game of Thrones. Each episode will be reviewed from a feminist lens by SMIW readers. Read the previous episode reviews before you begin. Or, if you already have, move right ahead to the review of the latest edition:


Episode 4 GoT Season 7 was everything the fans have been waiting for and more, a total lit fest, quite literally. So, Shall we begin? Here are 50 thoughts on GoT.


GoT season 7 episode 4 review

If you’re one of the three people on the internet who still haven’t seen this episode.

1. The Lannister army returns with the titular spoils of war from Highgarden. (Awwwh co sute, just wait for it you guys!)

2. Ser Bronn has no chill when it comes to dealing with a man who may be about to lose his bae to another.

“You’ve just won the biggest prize in the world, what could you possibly have to be upset about?”

Oh, Sir Jamie has lots to be upset about, lots.

3. In other news, Bronn’s not happy with just a bag full of gold for his efforts. Wonder if all that money will slip out of his grasp in a totally unforeseen turn-of-events? Hmmm…

4. Up North, Littlefinger tries to perv his way into Bran’s good books by gifting him the very dagger that was sent to kill him. Subtle.

5. Does that hoarse voice give anyonei else the creeps?

6. Bran seems intent on taking the saddest dude in Westeros title from older brother / cousin / King Snow.

7. Really, Bran? Really? She saved your life and literally carried you across a country. Also, her brother died protecting you! Heck, poor Hodor (sob!) sacrificed himself holding the door for you (not to mention he lost out on his entire adult life because you went back in time and screwed him up)! And THAT’s your goodbye? Wow, Three-Eyed-Ravens sure are ungrateful, self-entitled males. Or maybe they are just… males.

GoT season 7 episode 4

“You’re dead to me, Bran…”

8. Also, does Littlefinger feel some gross sense of responsibility towards Catelyn’s children?

“….But I’m here for her now, to do what she would have done, to protect her children. Anything I can do for you Brandon, you need only ask.”

9. Oh, blah blah blah… But then he says:

“….I imagine you’ve seen things most men wouldn’t believe.”

10. Yep, that’s what he REALLY wants to know. Imagine if Petyr Baelish was the Three-Eyed-Raven… All his past and present visions would be used to pry into Caitlyn and Sansa’s private lives. Ugh.

11. Oh hey! Bran drops the “Chaos is a ladder” line. One of Littlefinger’s own. He knows, Petyr. He knows.

12. Here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Yes, Arya finally comes home to WInterfell!

13. And she owns the staple dumb guards of North immediately. You’re a badass, Arya. We love you! The look on her face is worth the wait. 100 points to Maisie Williams.

14. Is it just me or the Arya and Sansa reunion could have been a bit warmer, considering what the both of them have gone through? But I guess there’s also bound to be a slight resentment because of the opposite ends they stood on the last time they were in the same place (Ned’s execution). Neither knows what the other’s been through. I’m looking forward to a bit more talking between the two.

15. Bran leaves the Three-Eyed-Raven persona for a second and makes actual conversation, though it doesn’t last long.  Even Arya’s a little freaked out… and used to hang out with the Waif!

16. Can’t wait for when Jon gets to meet Arya. David Benioff & D. B. Weiss, please make it happen soon!

17. Brienne and Arya training together is so much awesomeness. That’s probably first time the Bear has been shown up in single combat like this.

18. Arya wins big with that smooth little exhibit. You go girl!

19. Although, Sansa seems… Not too happy that Arya has mad combat skills now? Something’s going on between those two.

20. Meanwhile Littlefinger continues to slime it up…

21. You know what it means when Arya looks at you like that Petyr…


GoT season 7 episode 4

Petyr Baelish… You just made the list!

23. Dude just can’t catch a win this season…

24. We move south, and Jon has taken Dany on a school trip to the ruins of Mohenjo Daro. Boy, those Children of Forest could draw a stick figure if they wanted to.

25. Dany wants to help beat the White Walkers but wants Jon to bend the knee first. Is she hinting at a marriage proposal which Lord Snow is too basic to catch? But then they just walk out of there without really sorting that out. Bah!

26. Dany proceeds to have a little nudge-nudge wink-wink girl-bonding moment with Missandei and follows it up with shouting down at Tyrion for being a bad strategist. Does this mean she will finally take things in her own hands? Jon advises no, but then what does he know? 😀

27. Missandei gives Jonny boy a lesson on choice and agency while also touching upon how marriage is a social construct. Davos considers switching sides. Nice!

28. Meeting between Jon and Theon, and I’ve got three words: Awkward AF. Is that two words though?

29. Theon must be used to living each day as if it’s the last by now. Dude’s setting himself up for a huge redemption arc sometime in the near future.

30. He asks about the Queen but she don’t live here anymore.

31. **Cue superhero film music**

32. The Lannisters are majorly outnumbered by the Dothraki army who charge in howling like demon worshipers (Goosebumps!), and if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, Dany comes in soaring on Drogon (is it?)!

33. This is the moment every GoT fan has been waiting for on some level or another. We all knew it was coming and yet, when it does, there are no words to describe it. Or maybe, there is one:


GoT season 7 episode 4

Damn, son.

34. Aside from being much anticipated, the moment is extremely symbolic too. Not only is it rare for women in GoT-verse to fight alongside men in battle, but the only woman on that battle field is literally towering over all the men and burning them all down.

35. What a battle scene, they sure made up for the last few ‘quiet’ episodes in style!

36. Also, LOL at Jamie with “We can hold them off!” and Dany’s like “Ummm Sure.” Priceless. You don’t mess with the Mother of Dragons.

37. Annnd Bronn loses his bag of gold to the melee… Yeah no one saw that coming.

38. He is second time lucky though (or just quick to think on his feet?) and shoots his dothraki nemesis away, quite literally.

39. Bronn aims the Scorpion (did they dig all the way down to Mahindra and Mahindra car names for inspiration on that one?) at Drogon and this one is about to go down to a wire!

40. He misses! PHEW!!! This is too close for comfort!

41. NOOOOO!! Gets one in this time!!!

42. Wow. He actually got one in. Enough to get the dragon grounded. Quite a big deal!

43. Not quite though. Dragon’s still lively… and fiery! This is GREAT!

44. Oh no.. Jamie.. No, son.

45. Tyrion echoes those sentiments.

46. NOOOOO….. OW.. Almost! Wow. He survives. Bronn to the rescue again! Major win points.


48. Episode 4 ends with a lot of fire spewing and men burning, which makes us wonder how Cersei will retaliate.

49. Also, now that the gold is gone, how will the newly found mutual admiration society between Mycroft Holmes and Queen Cersei fare?

EDIT: a reader was attentive enough to point out that the gold may well be on its way to Queen’s landing, but will there be another twist in fortunes as far as as all the money and its implications are concerned? We’ll find out soon!

50. On a related note, this may very well be the season with the most epic battle scenes ever. We’ve already had one of the best ever and if trailers are any indication, there will be another, perhaps even bigger battle coming soon.


The wait is going to be a long one. Winter has surely come, but so have the dragons.


Episode Rating: Four and a half names on The List.

Episode Winners: Daenerys Targaryen, Team Dany, Arya Stark, Ser Bronn, Qyburn’s Scorpion bow thingy.

Episode Losers: Littlefinger (sigh), Bran Stark, Team Cersei, Star TV India.

Updated Season Leaderboard: Sansa Stark (1st), Euron Greyjon (2nd), Jorah Mormont, Lyanna Mormont, Ser Bronn, Scorpion bow thingy, #Sheerya (joint 3rd).

Updated Season Loserboard: Littlefinger (1st), Jamie Lannister (2nd), Bran Stark (3rd)


About the Author:

Radhika Chauhan is an aspiring writer and a hopelessly broke bibliophile.

  • Lord Tarly actually says in the scene before Bronn and Jamie talk to Dickon that “All the gold’s safely through the gates of King’s Landing” (at 34 minutes). So that bit about the mutual admiration between Sherlock’s bro and Cersei is still sweet. He may have some doubts about the success of the new venture, though.

  • Hahaha so funny XD more like the videos uploaded by “funny or die” after each episode. And the end, Episode winners, Episode loosers 😀

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