spoilt modern indian woman

image credit: ** Remember, remember As you parade us Like objects And try to douse Our freedom, our ambitions As you try to reduce To ashes Who we are At the stake of Morality Lust Misplaced male egos Smug entitlement We may bleed We may die We may beg For forgiveness Though it is […]

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Life of a Woman.

spoilt modern indian woman

Image: Aashna The following was submitted by SMIW contributor Aashna Malpani. ** You were three months old when They painted your nursery a bubbly pink and plastered unicorn heads all around the room. The vibrancy would hurt your eyes. They never understood why you cried every night, or how the magical creatures scared you shitless. […]

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Asking the Right Questions.

spoilt modern indian woman

Image: The following slam poetry was submitted by SMIW contributor Rhea Mahanta to our campaign #HaveShortsWillSmoke. ** A usual thing happened today. I got groped AGAIN! ** While walking back home It was drizzling and dusk had set in A bunch of guys on a bike were speeding Towards me from the opposite direction While […]

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