Spoilt Modern Desi Women

spoilt modern desi women

Spoilt Modern Desi Women, also known as Spoilt Modern Indian women, is a compilation of memes busting gender stereotypes by using crowdsourced images from real-life spoilt modern women and combining them with humorous plot twists and turns of phrase.

“The idea is simple – take a stereotype and smash it by adding a plot twist. Something that has been done before, of course, but always with a staple, single image where the only thing that changes is the text. However, at Spoilt Modern Indian Woman, we feel that using a template says all women are same. Well, they are not. Every woman has a different colour of skin, a different body size. Each has her own challenges, each is fighting a different battle. Yes, they all fighting a common battle which comes with being a woman, but that battle can’t be fought by using one template to represent them all.”

Says Bruce Vain, SMIW founder and the person behind the campaign.


The campaign has successfully completed two phases so far:

Phase 1

The campaign ran its first phase from January 8 to 22, 2016 – for 15 days straight with a new meme every day. We received overwhelming participating and coverage. Some of the publications for feature the campaign were Huffington Post India, Scoopwhoop and Vagabomb. It was also covered by print publications like Times of India and Deccan Chronicle.

Phase 2

From Feb 29 to March 1, 2016; the campaign returned for its phase 2. It was kickstarted by renowned hair stylist and activist Sapna Bhavnani, who decided to participate in the campaign and endorse it.

The very first meme in the campaign’s phase 2 features Sapna herself and was followed by memes featuring various other societal leaders like; rapper Sofia Ashraf, Journalis and Dalit justice warrior, Yashica Dutt and Change.org India’s Country Director, Preethi Herman.

The campaign was called Spoilt Modern Indian Women in phase 1 but due the wide reach it gained, we have got requests to participate from neighboring countries as well. So, we are now calling the campaign Spoilt Modern Desi Women in its phase 2. Who knows, the next phase could be Spoilt Modern Global Women!

Check out the complete meme album here. Watch this space for more updates on the campaign.

To participate, submit your picture with a few lines about who you are and what you do – on Facebook , Twitter or email them to stories@spoiltmodernwoman.com, with the tags #SpoiltModernIndianWomen or #SpoiltModernDesiWomen