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Those Troubling Stereotypes

Do you shake your head at stereotyping memes? Does your blood boil when Bollywood normalises stalking and harassment? Do Kapil Sharma’s body shaming and racist jokes make you go “WTF?” How about that daily dose of WhatsApp forwards that your benevolent relatives just refuse to stop sending you? Do you find yourself trying to combat all these stereotypes and shape the narrative positively, but realise that the problematic notions are widespread and those who subscribe to them are large in number and louder in voice? Over the last 18 months, we have tried to smash stereotypes, start positive dialogue and give a fun, rights-based spin to age old notions that build faulty narrative.

You know us as:

Together, we are the Social Justice Superheroes  and now, with your support, your favorite online rabble-rousers want to take the conversation offline and we want to do this in the coolest way possible – through YOU! So, we’re bringing you street-wear and merchandise carrying stereotype smashing messages that have become synonymous with our name.

With these ultra hip bags and T-shirts, you can move the conversation from your social media timelines to the real world, and break stereotypes by being Human Timelines of Change! 

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Up-cycled Material to Build Sustainable Livelihood 

As if that wasn’t reason enough to get yourself some Spoilt Modern Merchandise, there’s more!

Our lovely everyday bags not only come with stereotype breaking messages, but are up-cycled from beautiful Saris by women from economically disadvantages sections – providing them with sustainable livelihood and entrepreneurial opportunities.

With YOUR Support, we can do Much More!

This is just the beginning. If you participate and become Real Life Superheroes like you have done for us online, then there’s no reason why we can’t redesign the tone and direction of conversations around gender, identity, rights and equality – on a broad scale. We have a LOT more planned – including more merchandise, on ground workshops around gender and rights sensitization; and live performances by artists spreading the message of equity and inclusion. We need YOUR support to bring all this to life.

In the bargain, you get to wear and carry around some really smart merchandise that’s bound to up your street cred by a notch or two!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Resist, Reshape, Reform and Redefine. Together, we can Reclaim the Narrative.

Check out the Spoilt Modern Merchandise on offer HERE and get some for yourself NOW.